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    When your commercial facility in Baltimore County, Maryland has custom janitorial needs like daytime schedules or specialized cleaning projects, call ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County. Our professionally trained cleaning crews service large and small facilities alike. From the strict health code standards of healthcare facilities to the annual floor cleaning plan for your small business, we can help.

    Janitorial Services

    ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County provides quality janitorial cleaning services in Baltimore County, Maryland. Our cleaning crews collect and dispose of garbage, clean and restock restrooms, provide detailed cleaning for high use areas, and dust all surfaces. We can provide a custom janitorial schedule and plan that works with the unique needs of your facility. Our janitorial team goes above and beyond, serving Baltimore with green cleaning alternatives that help protect the environment. We believe in using nontoxic products and techniques that are just as effective at keeping your facility clean and spotless.

    Floor Care

    Keep your precious hardwood floors shiny and clean with special hard surface floor care. Our state of the art floor care programs include specialized cleaning methods for ceramic tiles, marble, hardwood, vinyl, porcelain, stone and more. At ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County, we know that each floor is different and requires a unique approach. We’ll take into consideration the amount of traffic your floors get when we develop a custom maintenance cleaning program for your facility.

    Commercial Carpet Cleaning

    Whether it’s wall-to-wall office carpeting that needs to be cleaned on a regular basis or a few conference rooms that need to be cleaned semi annually for when the clients come in, we can help. Our carpet cleaning services include stain removal and deep cleaning hot water extraction. When you let us conduct routine maintenance for your carpets rather than restorative care (cleaning only when they get really dirty), you’re preventing dirt from accumulating in large amounts. When dirt remains embedded in your carpet fibers for long enough, they can set and do permanent damage and discoloration. A carpet cleaning maintenance plan can prolong the life of your carpet, maintain brightness and protect your investment.

    Healthcare Facility Cleaning

    Healthcare facilities have a high standards of clean to keep up with health code standards and requirements. We guarantee a sanitary and healthy environment for your patients and employees by with comprehensive and informed cleaning services. We put our healthcare janitorial teams through specialized training to understand the expectations set by current health standards. From wearing the right protective gear to understanding the nature of bloodborne pathogens, our teams are equipped with the best knowledge and tools to clean healthcare facilities correctly and efficiently.

    Education Facility Cleaning

    A clean educational facility means healthy students and teachers. A bug can spread around a school like wildfire, so ensuring a consistently clean and sanitized facility requires a special janitorial team to get the job done right. When you partner with us to serve your education facility, you’ll notice decreased absenteeism due to sick leave and a more productive environment.

    Post Construction and Warehouse Cleaning

    We also serve the industrial sector!  From stringent cleaning protocols involved in production warehouses or other industrial plants to cleaning up after your next big construction project, we have the resources and the right team for the job. We love special project cleaning and are interested in partnering with you to help you clean whatever mess you make. There is no commercial cleaning project we won’t consider!
    Call ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County for all your commercial cleaning needs from annual floor care to specialized facility cleaning in the greater Baltimore County, Maryland area.