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    Start the Spring fresh with professionally cleaned and refinished floors in your Baltimore commercial building. ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County offers expert cleaning services and exceptional customer service.

    Salt is important for your commercial facility in the winter, because it helps prevent ice from building up on your sidewalks or in the parking lot, which protects your guests and employees from slips. However, the mixture of slush and salt that it creates is easily picked up on shoes and tracked into the building. Course, abrasive salt then gets ground into your hard surface floors and embedded in carpets, causing damage. Start of the spring right with a thorough Baltimore commercial floor cleaning from ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County. Our exclusive hard surface floor refinishing processes clean the salt and ice-melt compounds off of your beautiful floors. The surface is then thoroughly treated and resurfaced with a protective coating to block against further damage to your commercial floors in Baltimore.

    During spring showers, your Baltimore guests track water into your facility. Installing carpets at the entrances decreases the quantity of water brought you’re your facility, but does not keep your building completely dry. With slippery floors, this can lead to injuries and cost the company both time and money. At ServiceMaster Commercial Services of Carroll County, we offer slip-resistant finishes, so even in the rainy season your team and your customers can walk the halls with confidence.